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Welcome to the Cheat Section.

The game has a built in Console Cheats and is posted by the makers of the game in the official forum.

How to Open ConsoleEdit

  • To show console, press CTRL+SHIFT+1.
  • Pressing F1 - when console is visible - lists all available console commands.
  • Pressing F3 will step back to the last used command.
  • When you start typing of a command, the game automatically completes it.
  • If you type in a command plus a space (ie. "GiveMoney ") then you'll get detailed ination on use of that command.
  • Where any index mentioned (ie. playerindex, unitindex), the indexes start from 0.

Console Commands Edit

  • SetSpeed <unittype> <speed> - sets speed of the given unit type, where unittype is a number, indexing a list of all unit types
  • GetSpeed <playerindex> <unitindex> - displays the speed of the given unit in battle (player 0 is the human player)
  • Artifact <add | remove>

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